Number 2: Time


Published by Pinknantucket Press
Edited by Alice Cannon


For our part of Materiality’s Time issue, we created A Jungle Grows in all Spaces, a collage of thirty-three moving parts to appear in the lower left-hand corner of every printed page. A flip book tale in which all returns to nature, or does it?


The second issue of Materiality is all about TIME. It examines our relationship with time as it is observed and measured by our physical environment, our bodies and our material culture. Inside you’ll find fiction, essay, image and verse about the stuff of time: clocks and watches, calendars, sundials, timetables, time capsules, death certificates, and many other things besides.

You’ll read about how capitalism co-opted time through the invention of time clocks, the development of medieval books of hours, the rise of the squirrel people, Viking bone structures, the frozen remnants of Antarctic expeditions, and crack patterns in paintings. A special edition zine by Mike Lynch is included in the back pocket. The TIME issue also features flip book illustrations by Gracia & Louise and Albertine Hamilton.




Louise Jennison
Drawing created especially for Objects of Affection
Spoonful: A Happiness Companion
Sweetness, Issue 09


A drawing created as part of Spoonful’s Sweetness-themed issue, featuring a Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot (Coriculus galgulus) and a Giant hummingbird (Patagonia gigas) perhaps preparing to sample the sugary confection before them. Perhaps they already have as the Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot has already turned a most unnatural shade of rose.

Sarah Andreacchio, Annick Gaudrealult, Marie Gardeski, Stephanie Ginger, Rebecca Gould, Sharon Hinchcliffe, Jenika Rivera, Heliana Rotariu, Sandra Monat, and Marika Paz were also invited to create multi-tiered cakes for the spread, Objects of Affection, as part the Sweetness issue of the publication by Anthea Ben-Naim, with guest-designer Ellie Nuss.


Objects of Affection, Spoonful: A Happiness Companion, Sweetness, Issue 09, 2013