As inclination directs


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
As inclination directs
8 page concertina artists’ book, single-colour lithographic offset print featuring collage and pencil
Printed by Redwood Prints
Edition of 10


The sky is tickled sunset perpetual, and there is light behind the clouds. The weather, clement, and perfect for mooching, ambling, swanning, indeed, walking As inclination directs. The stroll is first and foremost what this work salutes and as such is full of characters sauntering, dawdling, meandering, rambling, traipsing.

Perambulating up and down the pier, inhabitants bound in book form include
Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus
Range: E. Australia
Habitat: dry forest

Horned frog, Ceratophrys cornuta
Range: N. and central South America
Habitat: litter on forest floor

Corroboree frog, Pseudophryne corroboree
Range: Australia: Victoria, New South Wales
Habitat: mountain forest, grassy marshland

Spotted salamander, Ambystoma maculatum
Range: S.E. Canada, E. U.S.a to Georgia and E. Texas
Habitat: hardwood forest, hillsides near pools

Wrestling halfbeak, Dermogenys pusillus
Range: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sundra Islands
Habitat: fresh water

Least weasel, Mustela nivalis
Range: Europe, N. Africa, Asia, N, America; introduced in New Zealand
Habitat: farmland, woodland

Andean cock-of-the-rock, Rupicola peruviana
Range: Andes, N. Venezuela to N. Bolivia
Habitat: forest along river gorges

(The large bird you can see perched upon the woman’s shoulder on the back cover is a male Cuckoo-roller, Leptosomus discolor. Each of the ten editions sport different birds from different countries.)

Editions of this artists’ book are in the collections of both the State Libraries of NSW and Victoria.

Editions of this work have been exhibited as part of PAGE.PRINT.POST: 50 years of Artists Books (Post Office Gallery, Federation University Australia, 2014), the 2013 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards (Geelong Gallery, 2013) and the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2013 (Fremantle Arts Centre, 2013).