Gracia Haby
All the discarded things, mended
Artists’ book, four colour lithographic offset print on Aquarelle Arches 100% pure cotton hot pressed 300gsm paper
Twelve 29.7cm X 21cm loose pages, housed in a slip case
Bound by Louise Jennison in cotton paper with an ink stamp on the cover and black elastic closure
Printed by Redwood Prints
Edition of 10


I) Someone, please... my back is aching
II) Coins in every fountain
III) They were not from around these parts
IV) Leave nothing behind
V) Laid at your feet, all neatly assembled
VI) The door was open but we decided to stay
VII) It produced what no other refractory in Beirut could
VIII) A charm in your hand for a coin in your pocket
IX) The wolf assisted me in my own great train robbery
X) All things mended


Exhibited as part of A trapdoor in every room (2007). This artists’ book was also exhibited as part of Books 07: Works of Imagination, at Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland.

Editions of this book are in the collections of the State Library of Victoria, Monash University Library, and the National Gallery of Australia (formerly as part of the Ergas Collection).

One of a pair, with If all the stars go out, I’ll follow my nose home.